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Pay Rent, Submit a Maintenance Request, and More

Fall residents will not have access to the Portal until mid-August

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    Residents of Harris Hall & Tubman House must be enrolled as a full-time student at all times (12 credits for Undergraduate). If you feel that you may need to withdraw from a course, and you are at risk of dropping below the full-time requirement, please reach out to the Capstone leasing team via email at HarrisTubman@cocm.com to discuss your options.


    Housing costs are billed through Harris Hall & Tubman House directly and will not appear on a students’ TU bill. Capstone offers 3 payment plans for the billing of their rent:

    Semesterly: Students who sign a Housing License are defaulted to this payment plan. The License Fee is split in half with one payment due in August and the other due in January.

    Financial Aid: Students whose aid package exceeds their TU bill, entitling them to a refund check that they would like to apply to their Capstone housing bill. Students must choose the Financial Aid Payment Plan  and submit the supporting documentation.

    Installments: Students who would like to divide the License Fee over the course of their license term. Students must choose Installment Payment Plan on their Housing License to select this plan. There is an additional fee for this payment method.


    To submit you online Work Order, you’ll need to first register your account on our Resident Portal.

    To register, click the Resident Portal link above, If it is your first time visiting the portal, you’ll need to click the “Register Now!” then fill in the requested information. It may take up to two business days to have your registration approved. If you need your registration approved sooner please contact the Capstone Main Office. If you have already registered, just enter your email address and password to login. Once you are logged in, just click on “Submit a Maintenance Request” and follow the instructions. See our guide for step-by-step instructions. 

    If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact 410-704-7484 or Harristubman@cocm.com for assistance.


    After check-in, there is a two-week waiting period before Residents can request to move to another room.

    To request a room change, Residents must first speak to their Resident Assistant (RA) about the process. A formal request must then be submitted to the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) of Harris Hall & Tubman House. The RLC will discuss with the resident the available options and explain the proper procedure.

    Residents may not move into any room without the RLC’s written approval (including moving belongings). Unapproved moves will result in you having to return to your original room assignment, and Residents will be charged an improper room change fee.

    When a space becomes available in a room, the remaining resident must keep the empty side of the room tidy. A new Resident may be assigned to this room/bed space at any time.


    The Renewal Intention process is separated into two phases to ensure a smooth renewal process for current residents: PHASE I: Complete your Renewal Intention between February 1 – 13 • Complete Intention Form – Your intention form will be available through your Resident Portal beginning on February 1st and will close on February 13th. If you are not returning, you must indicate not returning on your renewal intention. During this phase, residents should NOT remit payment for the Reservation Fee. Current students that fail to complete their Renewal Intention by 4:00 PM on February 13th will forfeit their priority for the 2024-2025 academic year. PHASE II: Complete your Renewal Offer between February 14th – 21st • Sign Your Documents – Beginning on February 14th, current residents who have completed their renewal intention process and indicated they plan to return for the 2024-2025 academic year, will receive their housing offers via email from noreply@mail.hellosign.com. When you receive your housing offer, you and your guarantor will be required to electronically sign your license by 4pm on Friday, February 21st. • Because you successfully completed your renewal intention between February 1 - February 13 and decided to renew with Harris Hall and Tubman House, your reservation fee payment has been deferred. This means your balance at move in will be the full $4,939.50 for Standard or $5,173.00 for 9-Month. You do not need to make a payment at this time!

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